Installation Instructions
1. Insert Red-i into the magazine or place directly into the barrel chamber by hand.  
2. Carefully close the rifle bolt at which time a laser beam will emit through the barrel. Note: do not force the bolt.
3. Point the rifle at a surface ±25M. (Note that a shaded surface or fluorescent surface should be chosen if carrying out this exercise in strong sunlight in order to enhance the visibility of the laser dot.)
4. Memorize the position of the laser ‘dot’ in relation to the ‘cross hair’ of the telescope. (The marksmen will always know that if the red ‘dot’ is in that exact position as memorized, the rifle is zeroed at the required shooting distance.
5. Extract the Red-i device from the chamber exercising extreme care not to allow the device to fall onto hard surfaces. The Red-i is an optical instrument and must be handled with care.
6. Replace device into the belt pouch provided or original package case.
NB: The rifle is zeroed with Red-i but when shooting with live ammunition the grouping is off-center. It is not the failure of your newly acquired Red-i. The reason will be that either the barrel is slightly bent (unlikely), or that the chamber is not 100% in line with the bore of the barrel (likely).
  Proper Sight Allignment Tips
  To properly zero your rifle sight you will need to consult your ammunition trajectory chart as different type of ammunition have different trajectories. To familiarize you with common trajectory terms please review the following diagram. This is for information only.

As demonstrated in the diagram the line of sight intersects the bullet path at two points (the range may vary with different types of ammunition). Once you consulted your ammunition trajectory chart you can determine at which distance your line of sight will cross the bullet path the first time (+25m). Place the target at that distance.


  When Red-i is used as an aiming / training tool:  
  Activate the Red-i unit and aim at a target (in low light) at a distance further than 50m. Keep the dot as still as possible, as you only now realize the movement of your barrel when aiming.  
  NB - NOTE: Many modern rifles today can have a chamber that is slightly misaligned. A user will only realize that such a chamber is misaligned when the red dot is centered on the "cross hairs" of the telescope at 25m, but when shooting with life ammunition, the grouping is off center.

When the procedure is reversed and the rifle firstly zeroed with life ammunition and thereafter the Red-i unit is chambered, the dot will shine off center. The user should document this position of the dot at the preferred sighting distance (+25m) and always set the scope accordingly.


1. Off-Center laser dot:  
  When the rifle is firstly zeroed with life ammunition and thereafter the Red-i unit is chambered, the dot can shine off center. The user should document the position of the dot on the reference card, at the preferred sighting distance (+25m) and always set the scope accordingly.
2. Laser not emitting  
  If you wrongly pulled the trigger, the brass pin and ball will not make contact with the bolt. This could result in an open electrical circuit.
  1. Do not pull the trigger when the laser unit is in the chamber.
  2. The laser is activated when the unit is in the rifle chamber and the bolt is closed.
  3. Check and replace the batteries
  Randomly selected quantities of units were subjected to various environmental and other tests in terms of the Design Qualification Test Specification of ARMSCOR and GEROTEK (a SANAS accredited test laboratory). Red-i conformed to the requirements in all areas and was certified.
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