What is Red-i ?
Not just a bore sight or training tool.
Red-i is an exciting patented innovation designed as an aid to assist the hunter or marksman to practice aiming and setting sights with precision, at a low cost and noiseless.
Made of brass and stainless steel for maximum durability each Red-i is calibrated for accuracy.

How does Red-i work ?
After zeroing your rifle with live ammunition insert the Red-i cartridge into the chamber. When the bolt is closed Red-i activates and shines directly down the barrel. For adjustment aim onto a target at the designated sighting distance, ± 25m and document the position of the laser dot in relation to the ‘cross hair’ of the telescope on the reference card provided.

Has Red-i been tested ?
A randomly selected quantity of units were subjected to various environmental and other tests in terms of the Design Qualification Test Specification of Armscor and Gerotek (a SANAS accredited test laboratory). Red-i conformed to the requirements in all areas and was certified.

Which calibres are available ?
Rifle calibres 223 (5,56mm) and larger which are described in the CIP or S.A.A.M.I Specifications Handbook are all available on order.

We manufacture handgun calibres for 9mm and larger.


"We received the products we have ordered. We are totally satisfied. – France"
"Thanks for making a great product - Canary Islands"

"Impressive product, the quality is excellent, I could not have sent the mail before seeing it, its fantastic´.
I´m very happy, the center jig it´s perfect (construction, quality, ended), thanks a lot - Spain"

"The results of the usage within our military with your Red-i-Laser are more than good. - Netherlands"

"All I have to say is that my SFS works absolutely superb! You're doing a splended job . - Norway"

"Got my RED i back from Jackson rifles everything working as it should, very happy with the service I received thanks very much for your HELP. – UK"
“ Tanya,
Received today, already put into use. Excellent as usual! I actually love the new design contact in the cap the spring loaded ball seems far better than the old style. Can my 300 winchester model be retrofitted or is this unique to the 223 model?

Kerry Kroger
Another Satisfied customer!”

“I must say that I was most impressed with your product of all that I observed at the show. Certainly not merely due to the close proximity of your exhibit to the Sunbrite booth, but also to the massive potential I see in the products you have produced. Cost effectiveness, timesavings, technical accuracy and the convenience and ease of use of your products are what have most piqued my natural curiosity. I believe that your offering is the best currently on the market.

Dan Parker, Sunbrite Ind.”

Military Feedback


We recently had an inquiry about our product from an international armed force. We sent them a sample from our military range (the only complete stainless steel calibre is the 5.56 nato) and this is their feedback: "Hi Tanya,
Some things that came out of our testing of the Red-i Laser Boresight for the .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO:
Immediately noticed was the leather carrying case. Understandably made for the casual hunter, however a carrying case more suitable to military applications was suggested. Possibly a durable nylon with a closed bottom portion so as not to lose the boresight through it. However the hardened plastic storage case was praised. This case is the ideal way to transport the boresight when not readily needed. Storage for the batteries and the boresight make it almost impossible to lose. One thing that was suggested about this case was adding more slots for batteries, because military members do not always know how long they will be in an environment that would be very difficult to purchase these such batteries, extra is always a must. Now to the Laser Boresight. As stated in my previous email, the craftsmanship of this product make it seem virtually indestructible. Several co-workers had no idea where to place the batteries because of the flawless seam between the battery cap and the laser. The accuracy of the boresight was unbelievable. Note: The sights accuracy was tested at a distance of 25 Meters on weapons that have already been zeroed using Live ammunition . The power that it emits for such a small object was just as impressive. The laser was clearly visible at most all of the lighting conditions tested under.
In summary:

The Red-i Laser Boresight for the .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO is extremely well crafted and extremely well suited for Military purposes. The Red-i Laser Bore Sight is a must for all Military Professionals."

Dear Tanya,

thank you for the prompt delivery of the red-i-laser units (I ordered them 4 day's ago).
I must admit that I had my doubts before, but I just tested them and I'm very enthusiastic.
I can recomment them.

Kind regards,Leon WennekesThe Netherlands

BUFFALO hunted with 375 Weatherby

The trust I have in your product gave me the peace of mind to pull the trigger. I use the Red-i to set both my 375 and 270 rifles in the field just before I start with the hunt.

Horn length: 38.5 inch (963 mm)
Horn width: 13 inch (325mm)
Bullet: 300grain Remington Swift A-Frame
Shot on 15 October 2003 in the Omay Area near the Kariba dam in the Zambesi Valley, Zimbabwe. The biggest buffalo ever shot in Zim was shot in the same area in 2002.
Hunter: Uys Prinsloo from Namibia


Dear Tanya:

My name is Manning Luo. I did quite a bit of research from Internet to see which is the best laser bore sight out there on the market, and I found you. I purchased the Red-I-Laser last year, finally got it in use in November.

On the first day of the whitetail season, I zeroed in my scope with Red-I-Laser on my Remington .308 and went hunting. I shot my very first 11 points buck at about 100 yards away.


The accuracy of the Red-I-Laser is just unbelievable! I would strongly recommend it to any hunter. Especially, if zero in the scope with live rounds are difficult, Red-I-Laser can be very handy. Again, thanks a lot for such a great product.

Manning Luo
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