Rifle Laser Sights

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Red-i-Laser Can Supply Precision Rifle Laser Sights

Red-i-Laser’s range of rifle laser sights has been expanding since we launched this groundbreaking concept on the international market in 1998.  For the first time, riflemen, hunters, marksmen and sharpshooters the world over had an alternative to set their sights and rifle scopes.  Our rifle laser sights make it easy to set your sights and zero your rifle without using live ammunition.  In fact, it may very well be the fastest and easiest laser sight product in the world.

The Red-i unit’s laser is battery-driven.  Insert the battery-loaded Red-i cartridge into the chamber and close the bolt.  This will activate the unit and the laser will now shine down the barrel of the rifle and onto your target, which should ideally be placed approximately 25 metres away from you.  Carefully note and document the relation between the sights (or scope crosshairs) and the laser dot.  The laser dot shines exactly where the live round would hit the target, because the internal laser is aligned precisely with the outer dimensions of the cartridge.  You can be assured of its accuracy, because every unit is individually calibrated and aligned on our patented Center Jig.

We have over 130 calibres available off the shelf, but we take pride in our ability to manufacture once-off calibres; just supply us with the appropriate C.I.P. or S.A.A.M.I. specifications.  We specialise in internal chamber bore sights, but we also offer front-load bore sights for those calibres unsuited to chamber load, like the 4.5, 5.5 air rifle and .22 Long.  We can supply the chamber bore sights from .17 to 700 Nitro, including all shotgun calibres.

For more information on Red-i-Laser’s excellent line of rifle laser sights, contact us today.

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