Internal Bore Sights

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Red-i-Laser Manufactures Precision Internal Bore Sights

Red-i-Laser manufactures what are possibly the easiest, fastest and most precise internal bore sights in the world.  So, what are internal bore sights and what are they used for?  Our internal laser bore sights are extremely precise tools that help marksmen, hunters and sharpshooters to set their sights and scope crosshairs with great accuracy, guaranteeing a repeatable and reliable reference.

We already conceptualised and designed this groundbreaking product in 1996 and by 1998 it was ready for the international market.  It was groundbreaking because here was a laser bore sight with its internal laser aligned to the actual exterior dimensions of the cartridge, thereby complying with the single most important requirement for an excellent laser bore sight.  Each Red-i unit is individually calibrated and aligned on our unique Center Jig to assure flawless accuracy.

The laser is battery-driven and the unit works by inserting the battery-loaded cartridge into the chamber and closing the bolt, thus activating the unit.  The laser beam shines directly down the rifle’s barrel and onto the target, which you should ideally place about 25 metres away.  The laser hits the target exactly where the live round would.  However, do not pull the trigger, as this will render the Red-i unit inactive!  Now carefully document where the laser dot hits the target in relation to your rifle’s sights or scope crosshairs.  This is a constant relation and will not change again – nor would you have to repeat the exercise.

Red-i-Laser’s internal bore sights are available in many calibres and are not only suitable for handguns but also for air defence systems and rocket launchers.  We also manufacture once-off calibres.  For more information on our products and company, contact us.

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