Bore Sighting Tools

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Red-i-Laser Manufactures The Best Bore Sighting Tools

Are you looking for robust, reliable and accurate bore sighting tools to zero your rifle?  Are you bothered with the time and expense required to zero your rifle using live ammunition?  Red-i-Laser’s bore sighting tools may be just what you have been looking for.  Our Red-i unit enables you to set your sights or scope crosshairs with precision and practice aiming noiselessly and easily.

We manufacture all handgun calibres upwards of nine millimetres.  Rifle calibres from 223 (5.56mm) are offered too, but we can manufacture once-off calibres too if you supply us with the C.I.P. or S.A.A.M.I. specifications.  The Red-i unit is manufactured out of stainless steel and high-grade brass and fitted with a high-precision laser for uncompromising quality, durability and, above all, accuracy.  Each unit is individually aligned and calibrated on our unique Center Jig.  We have put up many Red-i units to be tested according to environmental and other benchmarks so that we can guarantee that they exceed even the most stringent operational and quality standards.

Red-i-Laser sighting tools are not mere training tools and are not only suitable for handguns and rifles.  They are groundbreaking products that has become the benchmark for quality and precision for marksmen the world over since 1998.  Our unique chambered bore sights have become an international standard.  In fact, Red-i is also suited to aircraft cannons, air defence systems and grenade launchers.

Our SFS (Short Flash System) is ideal for indoor training.  The unit is inserted into the chamber and when you pull the trigger, observe where the laser flash (emitted for 20 milliseconds) hits the target.  As you can see, our bore sighting tools are very versatile and hold benefits for any riflemen, hunter or sharpshooter.  For more information, contact us.

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