Bore Sights

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Red-i-Laser Manufactures Top Quality Laser Bore Sights

Red-i-Laser bore sights allow the marksman or hunter to set their sights with precision and to practice aiming easily, cheaply and noiselessly.  Our laser bore sights are patented, innovative tools that break new ground; it is not just a training tool or bore sight.

It is easy to use a Red-i cartridge as a bore sight.  Simply zero your rifle with live ammunition and then insert the Red-i cartridge into the chamber.  Once the bolt is closed, Red-i will be activated and the laser beam will shine down the barrel.  Aim on a target that is approximately 25m away with it and document on the provided reference card the position of the laser dot in relation to the crosshair of the rifle’s telescope.

A random quantity of Red-i units has been tested and passed several environmental and other tests to ensure that they meet and exceed the most stringent quality and operational requirements.  Rifle calibres upward of 223 (5.56mm) are available and we manufacture all handgun calibres from 9mm upwards.  We use a very high quality laser and our Red-i units are manufactured out of the finest high-grade brass and stainless steel and are aligned with our Center Jig.  In fact, they are suitable not only for handguns and rifles, but also for air defence systems, aircraft cannons and grenade launchers.

Red-i-Laser had set about designing their unique chambered bore sights in 1996 and by 1998 the concept was ready for the international market.  Since then, thousands of riflemen and hunters have come to rely on our products’ superior precision and quality.  For more information on our products and our company, contact us today.

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