Laser Sighting Tools.

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Red-i-Laser Supplies Top Quality Laser Sighting Tools.

Zeroing your rifle using live ammunition has always been time-consuming and expensive. That is why Red-i-Laser had developed advanced laser sighing tools to assist the hunter or rifleman. With our patented sighting tools, you can easily and noiselessly set your riflescope with the utmost precision.

Using the Short Flash System (SFS Ė a firing pin activated system), the Red-i unit can also be used for indoor training: feed the Red-i carefully into the chamber and close the bolt. Then pull the trigger and observe as the short flash system lights up for approximately 20 milliseconds precisely where you hit the target. All Red-i units are tested and certified to conform to all known quality and regulatory standards.

We calibrate every Red-i unit separately for accuracy and only manufacture them out of stainless steel and high-grade brass for superior quality and precision. To use it as a bore sight, zero your weapon first with live ammunition and then insert the Red-i cartridge into the chamber, closing the bolt; Red-i is now activated. Aim the beam onto a target that is about 25 metres (32 yards) away. Carefully document and memorize the laser dotís position in relation to the crosshairs or sights of the scope. This relation will not change and you need to perform this exercise only once.

Red-i-Laser designs and manufactures only the best quality laser bore sights and sighting tools. We have more than 100 calibres available, from 223 Rem (5.56 Nato) to 700 Nitro and they are all available from us off the shelf. For more information on our company and our products, contact us today.

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