Laser Sights

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Red-i-Laser Manufactures The Foremost Laser Sights In The World.

By 1996, Red-i-Laser had patented their unique chambered bore sight. We had realised that it is very time-consuming and expensive to zero big calibre guns using live ammunition, so we set about designing a chambered bore sight. The first one was used on a 500 Jeffrey. Today, our laser sights are used across the globe and respected by hunters and riflemen for their precision and quality. Our staff has a combined experience of over forty years regarding hunting and rifles and this has made our laser sights the best money can buy.

At Red-i-Laser, we were convinced that there had to be a better solution and by the time we had patented our chambered bore sight, we were onto a revolutionary concept: aligning the internal laser and external dimensions of the cartridge for the first time. Thanks to this ground-breaking innovation, our laser bore sight gives you a reliable and repeatable reference every single time you use it. By 1998, the concept was ready for the international market and it was enthusiastically welcomed at many an international show ever since.

Our laser bore sights are battery powered. They are specifically designed and manufactured to the specifications of the desired calibre and we use our Center Jig to align them perfectly. We manufacture them out of stainless steel and high-grade brass and we use a very high quality laser. They are suitable for machine guns, assault and hunting rifles, handguns, air-defence systems, grenade launchers and aircraft cannons.

That is why we are proud to say that Red-i-Laser manufactures the very best laser sights in the world. For more information, contact us today.

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