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Red-i-Laser Hunting Gear To Sharpen Your Aim.

If you have ever experienced the disappointment and inconvenience of a near miss shot while hunting, you would understand that any product that can improve your aim is well worth the outlay. Red-i-Laser products like our bore sights and sighting tools are the hunting gear that can help you perfect your art. Let us explain why you cannot do without Red-i-Laser hunting gear.

Red-i is more than a mere training tool or bore sight. It is a groundbreaking product that assists any sharpshooter or hunter to practise setting sights and aiming noiselessly, cheaply and with absolute precision. We cover a range of calibres from 223 (5.56mm) and larger (right up to 700 Nitro) but we can proudly claim that we can design and manufacture any one-off calibre, if you furnish us with the C.I.P., S.A.A.M.I. or similar specifications. Our Center Jig-calibrated bore sights are always deadly accurate.

As a bore sight, insert your Red-i unit into the chamber after you have zeroed your rifle with live ammunition. Red-i is activated as soon as you close the bolt and the laser shines straight down the barrel. Aim at a target about 25 metres (32 feet) away and carefully note, document and memorize the laser dotís position in relation to the crosshair of the rifleís telescope on the provided reference card. Our bore sights are manufactured from stainless steel and high-grade brass for superior quality and accuracy.

Let Red-i-Laser supply the hunting gear to perfect your aim. Remember that we also manufacture handgun calibres for 9mm and larger. For more information, contact us today.

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