Hunting Accessories

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Get The Best Quality Hunting Accessories From Red-i-Laser.

Professional and amateur hunters alike need hunting accessories of the highest standard. Red-i-Laser supplies sighting tools and chambered laser bore sights for practically all calibres. Let us help you with the hunting accessories you need, whatever hunting rifle you use. We had seen n vacancy in the market for high quality laser products in 1995 and our innovative products and continuous improvement programmes have seen us become market leaders in the intermediate years.

We mainly specialize in the manufacture of internal bore sights and we custom-design and manufacture any front-load bore sight to special order in cases where the internal bore sight may not be suitable. We make a laser bore sight that you can fire from your own weapon without the need for artificial inserts. Our Short Flash System (SFS) emits a laser pulse that strikes the precise point that you had aimed for. We are still the only company in the world to use a Center Jig to precisely verify the alignment of our products; we demonstrate it at all the international shows and events we attend.

At Red-i-Laser, we do not see stumbling stones, only stepping-stones. New challenges exist only to be conquered and we pride ourselves on the fact that we can design and manufacture any one-off hunting or other calibre, even if it is not on our existing calibre list. All we need from you is the appropriate S.A.A.M.I. or C.I.P. (or similar) specifications.

Red-i-Laser can assist you today with a Red-i unit for any calibre of hunting rifle. Once you have experienced the quality and accuracy, you would understand why you cannot go without Red-i, the ultimate in hunting accessories. Contact us today.

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