We manufacture handgun calibres for 9mm and larger.
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Instructions on the use of the Centre Jig:
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Place the Centre Jig on a firm surface (table, counter top) Point it towards a wall or vertical surface approx 25 feet away, the cavity at the end of the Jig indicates the front.

Set the bearing rollers to a distance not exceeding the outer shell casing length.

Insert the batteries supplied into the cartridge as instructed.

Place the cartridge upon the rollers pointing through the cavity towards the vertical surface.

Push the cartridge against the backend of the jig to complete the circuit and activate the laser.

With one hand holding the Jig firmly, use your index finger to rotate the cartridge on the rollers. Rolling the cartridge with the bearings placed directly on the engraving may cause some vibration. Avoid this influence by placing the bearing to run on the smooth areas of the cartridge. This will however not influence the accuracy. The Run-out (misalignment) of the cartridge will clearly be displayed. This can be done for all make of Laser Bore sighting devices.

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