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  • Laser Sight - Red-i-Laser probably makes the world's fastest, most convenient and most precise laser sight
  • Bore Sighting a Scope - There is no faster, more convenient or more precise way of bore sighting a scope than using the innovative Red-i-Laser bore sighting tool.
  • Laser Boresighter - Red-i is the toughest and most reliable laser boresighter.
  • Red Dot Sight - It is very easy to install the Red-i red dot sight and the instructions are repeated on our website as well, for your perusal.
  • Laser Sightings - The Red-i-Laser started making their laser sightings in 1998 for the international market and we have attended many an international show in the meantime with great success.
  • Laser Bore Sighters - Red-i-Laser's laser bore sighters have become rightly famous for their quality and convenience.
  • Laser Bore Sighting - Red-i-Laser specialises in the manufacture of our famous top quality laser bore sighting tool. We mainly manufacture an internal laser bore sighting tool
  • Laser Rifle Sights - At Red-i-Laser, we manufacture our unique, battery-powered laser rifle sights to the specifications of the caliber you require.
  • Rifle Sighting Tools - After Red-i-Laser had invented their groundbreaking rifle sighting tools, thousands of riflemen have benefited from this innovative technology.
  • Rifle Laser Bore Sight - Red-i-Laser probably makes the world’s fastest and easiest rifle laser bore sight. 
  • Bore Sighting - With the innovative Red-i-Laser bore sighting tool, you can precisely set your scope crosshairs or sights with precision without having to use live ammunition.
  • Laser Sighting - With the innovative Red-i-Laser unit, you can now set your scope crosshairs or sights with the utmost of precision.
  • Scope Sighting Tool - With the Red-i-Laser scope sighting tool, it is easy to zero your rifle, practise your aiming and set your sights or scope crosshairs with precision.
  • Bore Sighting Tools - Are you looking for robust, reliable and accurate bore sighting tools to zero your rifle?
  • Internal Bore Sights - Red-i-Laser manufactures what are possibly the easiest, fastest and most precise internal bore sights in the world.
  • Rifle Laser Sights - Red-i-Laser’s range of rifle laser sights has been expanding since we launched this groundbreaking concept on the international market in 1998.
  • Laser Bore Sights - Red-i-Laser probably manufactures the best laser bore sights in the world.
  • Bore Sights - Red-i-Laser bore sights allow the marksman or hunter to set their sights with precision and to practice aiming easily, cheaply and noiselessly. 
  • Chamber Load Sight - Red-i-Laser can fulfil your requirements for a chamber load sight of any caliber, large or small. 
  • Zero Rifle - Traditionally, it used to be expensive and time consuming to zero a rifle using live ammunition.
  • Laser Sights - By 1996, Red-i-Laser had patented their unique chambered bore sight.
  • Sighting Tools - Zeroing your rifle using live ammunition has always been time-consuming and expensive.
  • Hunting Accessories - Professional and amateur hunters alike need hunting accessories of the highest standard.
  • Hunting Gear - If you have ever experienced the disappointment and inconvenience of a near miss shot while hunting, you would understand that any product that can improve your aim is well worth the outlay.
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